Gd Marquis 03-11 Left Tail Lamp
OEM#: 8W3Z13405A | Partslink#: FO2800173 | Eagle#: P3450

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Product Details

Product: Taillight

Description: GD MARQUIS 03-11 Left TAIL LAMP

Size: 0.46 Cubic Foot

Gross Weight: 0 LB

Tail lights are the red lights that activate when the front headlights are turned on. Because of this, they are typically inactive during the day. They shine less brightly than brake lights because they’re only designed to be active in dim conditions, such as nighttime or heavy rain. These lights exist to indicate other drivers of your presence on the road when visibility is impaired. Broken bulb filaments and cracked lenses are common issues requiring service. Cheap, quick, and easy to fix, there’s little reason to ignore tail light problems.

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